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Remain Positive in Your Job Search

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It is extremely easy to become disillusioned whilst looking for a job and it could be difficult to keep positive. But the power of positive thinking cannot be underestimated to getting you to where you want to be in life, and of course getting that job!

There are a few techniques which can help you keep positive during your job search:

Believe in yourself!

If you do not have utmost belief and confidence in yourself, then who else is going to have any belief in you? To have this belief it is imperative to know your abilities and to know them really well. This way when you do get your job interview, you can be confident in the fact that you are able to do the job; and this confidence will show up in the interview.
In order to know your abilities and start having a belief in yourself, you need to sit down and really think about what you are good at. On a piece of paper write down all your abilities; this means everything you are good at, what your strengths are, the flattering things people say about you. Once you have a comprehensive list, you should be able to see what you’re good at and where your abilities lie. This will help with your general confidence and ultimately the confidence you portray at your interviews.

Positive Affirmations:

Affirmations are statements which are repeated over and over again to imprint into the sub-conscious and the mind. Positive affirmations override the negative self-talk we often have in our minds. For instance how often have you said to yourself that you cannot do it, or are fearful, or have criticised yourself? The more you tell yourself you cannot, the more you will be unable to do. Affirmations override this negative talk and by repeating again and again that you can, this is what inevitably happens – you do achieve! Affirmations must be repeated with feeling and desire for the best results. Examples of affirmations are: ‘I am confident.’ ‘I am energetic.’ ‘I am feeling great.’ ‘I am able to do this job.’

Surround yourself with positive people:

Think of the people around you and whether they are being positive or are they also looking for work and have become disillusioned? The more you can surround yourself with positive people, the more this positivity will rub off on yourself. 
We all know we feel better energetically when having spent time with someone who is positive and somehow feel tired when spending time with a negative person. Well it is time to boost your confidence by spending more time and surrounding yourself with people who are positive and who will improve your confidence. Positive people are those who see the glass half full instead of half empty and are optimistic about their life and about your life.
Negative people are those who will drain you; you feel tired after you speak to them and they tend to talk about problems and do not seem to see the good in life.
So limit the time you spend with negative people, start surrounding yourself with positive people and watch your confidence and your own positivity grow!

Be proud of your achievements!

Very often we do achieve a lot but do not acknowledge the growth we’ve made as a person and thus lose out on a great way of boosting our self-confidence. The more proud you can be of your achievements and let people know about them, the more this will boost your esteem and confidence and keep you on the track to being positive and landing your dream job.
A great way of remembering your achievements in periods of your life where you may be going through self-doubt is to write them down and have them somewhere you can see them daily.
Being proud of your achievements is not boasting, it is just letting other people and more importantly yourself know how fabulous you are!!

Live in the moment!

The more you can live in the present, the more positive you will be about your present life and optimistic of the future. A lot of the time we relive past events and worry about what is going to happen in the future and do not concentrate on enjoying and living our present. The more you can live in the present, the more positive you will feel and the more you will appreciate each moment, thus living each moment fully.
If you focus on your last interview which went badly, then that is not going to aid your next interview; the best thing is to let it go and focus on the moment so not think of the past.
A good place to start with for living more in the moment is to write down three things daily of what you have been grateful for that day. This will help focus your mind on daily good things and not thinking of past events which have worried you. This will definitely help you a lot towards being and staying positive during the job search.

These are just five ways of keeping positive while looking for the job you search. Remember the more positive you can be, the quicker you will shine at your interviews and land the job you want.

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This article was written by Bindi Shah of Anamaya – Life Coaching, Ayurveda, Meditation

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Bindi Shah founded her company in 2003 working predominantly with Ayurveda, an ancient Indian health system to help people with physical and emotional ailments.

Since then she has added Life Coaching to the company to help people achieve the life they want. Her 10-week ‘Live the Life you Dream of…’ programme enables people to focus on an area of their life they want to change or a goal they want to attain via group weekly coaching calls and e-mails, at an affordable price.

For more information on Bindi, her coaching packages, meditation workshops, and teleworkshops, please see the website.

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